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Art Dealer

Who we are.


We are an art Gallery & Artist agency operating from London UK but with a growing customer base. We are slowly developing a reputation for providing outstanding original artworks , selected limited photo editions and limited edition prints to our customers as well as services to our growing stable of artists & photographers .

Whether you are a purchasing customer  or an artist/photographer and you would like more information please submit on the last page your request to purchase or  to become one of our stablemates,  and we will respond accordingly.

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What we do

Our members have a wide range of talents, not just artists and photographers producing their own playbook on how they perceive their world, but we also have a few bespoke producers . For example :

 i) Paul Shields - Creates in his unique style, an original bespoke colour artwork according to a client brief e.g. perhaps to harmonize with an existing colour scheme of a corporate reception area, restaurant or living room .

ii) Shauna Smith -  Creates a bespoke contemporary artwork incorporating specific subject elements - a unique painting based around a detailed client brief 

Our photographers are also available for bespoke subject matter but still with their own unique touch and style.

Whatever you have in mind , drop us a line.



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Original Paintings

Our Stablemates


Paul Shields

Paul spent some of his early youth studying art at Epsom Art College but sadly " I got bored, it was all still life..." . Attracted by his love of music was drawn into the the pop scene as a singer / songwriter but finally,  financially insolvent , he got a proper job in advertising. He has now reverted back to his roots in art and is particularly drawn into the creative avenues that bespoke private and corporate art present, both in terms of colour and large format.


Caroline Rix

Having started photography in the 90’s focusing mainly on portraits and fashion, Caroline moved on to study and then work in biological science. After raising a family, she has now returned to her love of photography. She is inspired by nature, light and her surroundings near the South Downs in West Sussex.


Shaunna Harrison

During her career as a stage TV and film make-up artist working with actors at the Royal Shakespear Company , the BBC and Warner Films,  Shauna has gained a reputation for her paintings , particularly her 'themed' artworks based around a client brief eg music , place , event etc.


If you are interested in a 'bespoke themed' artwork please contact us and we'll guide you through the process.

Art Gallery

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